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Sign for reviewing the process for why an activity may be cancelled

The process of cancelling and rescheduling popular Los Cabos activities, revealed by Grand Solmar Timeshare.

Planning activities while on vacation is a big part of making vacations fun and memorable.  This is the case whether an individual is an “itinerary traveler” that plans out each day and hour in advance and arrives ready to go, or a more relaxed spur of the moment traveler who plans a day in advance. Either type of planner and traveler is fine, but what happens when something pops up that requires the individual to change or cancel an activity reservation?

This is not a fun subject to discuss, but the Grand Solmar Timeshare member services department and concierges receive dozens of calls from members and guests who have had to change their plans. With this issue arising so often, they wanted to address this and provide some tips and review the process for cancelling or rescheduling most major activities.  Grand Solmar Timeshare owners have a variety of ways they can go about seeking information about activities.

Onsite through the concierge and activities department is generally the most recommended as from here members can receive member pricing and also have a point of contact at their home resort.  However some reservations, such as fishing or golf, oftentimes are made before the guests or owner arrives in Cabo.

Grand Solmar Timeshare members will have all of the assistance needed onsite to make any changes or cancel activities as needed.  Fishing companies generally ask for a deposit to hold the boat but if there is enough time provided to cancel or change the reservation, most reputable companies will refund the deposit.  However, asking for a refund in less than 48 or 24 hours generally doesn’t work as the penalty of the late cancelation is loss of deposit as the boat crew and boat have been booked with no chance for the company to recoup the day. Grand Solmar Timeshare members are recommended to fish with Solmar Fleet as it is one of the largest fleets in the marina.

Solmar boats can accommodate small or large parties with varying budgets.  Golf reservations are generally easy to change however it is important to note if these were booked prior to arrival on a resale site such as ezlinks or the like as those reservations are generally non-refundable.  Most courses are flexible in helping cancel or reschedule a tee time due to illness or any other cause.

Almost every activity in Cabo requires some type of reservation aside from the glass bottom boat or arch tours which can be grabbed on a whim on the post at the marina.  Grand Solmar Timeshare members should know that most companies run hourly, or daily tours so if a change in itinerary surfaces that prevents an individual from going, their onsite booking agent can help them cancel or change this and most times there is little issue and no fees.

If an unfortunate change occurs requiring a traveler to change or cancel a reservation, Grand Solmar Timeshare members should rest assured this can be handled with little ease.  In an effort to make their vacations more enjoyable, Grand Solmar always seeks to assist members in any way possible to make a good vacation into a great one!