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Sometimes, situations arise in a traveler’s life that prevents their dream vacation from coming to be. Although this isn’t an ideal circumstance for anyone, there are some ways to help make it an easier experience. Grand Solmar, located in the beautiful city of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, offers tips for travelers on how to avoid extra stress when it comes to a cancellations.

1. Try changing the dates of your trip rather than canceling completely. If changing the dates of your trip is possible, Grand Solmar advises that this may be a better alternative rather than canceling completely. While this sometimes can incur fees, especially for stricter airlines, the fees would be better than losing the funds completely.

2. Remember that when you cancel matters. Certain situations that come up suddenly can prevent travelers from providing much notice. But if something comes up a month or even a few weeks before the departure date, don’t wait around before notifying the airline. The sooner they become aware to your circumstances, the more of a chance that they will be willing to work to get you a larger portion of your money back.

3. Certain circumstances could warrant a refund more than others. Airlines often have policies regarding refunds for cancellations when it comes to unforeseen or extenuating circumstances. A subpoena or court date, hospitalization, death in the family or illness are just some of the examples of what qualifies for some airlines, although some may not offer refunds. It’s important to be aware of the airlines policies whenever purchasing a ticket just in case something does come up.