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Grand Solmar is one of the leading companies to provide its customers with outstanding vacation ownership properties. Not only does Grand Solmar offer superb amenities to its clients, but it is also situated in a premier vacation destination, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The Grand Solmar Cancellation Assistance Team knows how exciting it is to go on vacation and the many activities that are planned along the way. However, sometimes a tour or excursion needs to be cancelled abruptly. Usually this results in a huge cancellation fee, but there are some tips to try and prevent this. Whenever possible, call the company in advance and let them know that the activity needs to be cancelled. Some businesses may have a policy that allows for cancellation within a certain time frame. If the company doesn’t abide by such rules, try and explain the situation as much as possible and hopefully the employees will be able to give you a refund without charging for it.