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Grand Solmar at Land’s End is a top vacation provider that is located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. All those hoping to achieve the perfect Mexico vacation will find that their time away from work will be well spent here. Couples hoping for a chance to reconnect as well as a group of friends hoping to find the perfect method of relaxation will love spending time at one of the on-site amenities at this resort, known as Playa Grande Spa. The following treatments are all musts that anyone who visits the resort on vacation will love, so try them out on your next trip.

  • Ayurveda Abhyanga: This treatment title translates into “lovely hands,” and is a form of Ayurvedic medicine that is used to promote health and healing within your dosha. A dosha is the three energies that circulate through the body and help dictate physiological activity. Certain techniques along with warm oil make this massage quite Bueno.
  • Diamond Life Infusion Facial: Also known as the art of rejuvenation, Grand Solmar at Land’s End shares this revolutionary experience as something that can change your skin for the better. The treatment isolates the four key skin-age biomarkers, and results in younger, more firm and very luminous skin, something most hope to achieve. Soft and smooth is hard to get during winter cold weather, so stop by for our help.
  • Muscle Melt Herbal Infusion: Taking a long trip on an airplane can tire out the muscles, so consider trying this out to save a day of rest and turn into fun. Warm essential oils help melt the pain away through body massage, as well as a pressure point facial and a de-stressing scalp treatment. To finish it off, a hot stone massage and hydrotherapy bath with herbs will compliment all other treatments in this package.

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